Dr Waugh has such an intuitive nature about what she’s doing and goes right to the source of the problem. I’m pleased, she helped my Sciatica go away, which is an important task in my book.



I can rely on Dr. Waugh to straighten me out when I am miss-aligned. I love that she relies on Applied Kinesiology to get right to the problem. I strive to keep myself in good shape, but when I need outside intervention, Dr. Waugh is where I usually start.



I recommend Dr. Waugh to just about everyone I know. She is an excellent doctor with a gentle touch and a lot of know-how. She helped me immensely during my pregnancy and adjusted my newborn daughter. I really appreciate her care and skill with helping to keep me and my whole family well.



Dr. Waugh keeps my body healthy. I was having some pretty major back problems before I started seeing her. She has helped me with that and much more.



Dr. Waugh is amazing. She’s been adjusting my family for over 2 years and we go see her every time we have any issues to resolve. She handled a number of illnesses we had with her chiropractic care and nutritional supplements. Thank you for all your help.



We went to a new chiropractor who just moved here from L.A., Dr. Vanessa Waugh. We have been to a couple of different chiros and doctors, because my daughter has always complained of her “tummy hurts”. Even as an infant, she cried a lot after eating. We had to go through 6-7 formulas until we got a pre-digested one for sensitive stomachs.

I thought maybe she was allergic to wheat. We cut that out for a week, but she would even say her tummy hurt after a few bites of an apple or drinking water!

Hence, she ate very little. And was cranky often. And skinny. Anyway, on our first visit to Dr. Vanessa last week, she said that my daughter had a hiatal hernia.

Dr. Vanessa adjusted it once and it was a little better. My daughter was extremely happy about Dr. Vanessa. She said she loved her, and wanted her to be her doctor for the rest of her life. After the second visit, it was totally handled!

We have not believed the amount she has been eating! She ate like a normal person last night. She ate a good-size piece of fish, corn and brocolli! And did not complain that her tummy hurt! And man, is she happier and calmer! All the moodiness and hard-to-handle behaviors were hunger!

I am just astounded at the difference in her. She’s like another person. This has had major ripples into every area of our lives. What a relief!!!

Best Wishes,



Dr. Waugh is amazing! Our whole family is healthy and feeling so much better since we have been seeing Dr. Waugh. My son is 3 and my daughter is 20 months old. They were sick about every 3-4 weeks and their doctor kept putting them on antibiotics. No one in our family has needed antibiotics since we’ve seen Dr. Waugh and it’s been 4 months already! That is the longest period of health the children have ever had. My son had severe allergies to foods and Dr. Waugh has helped build his immune system. He can now eat more foods and he is not bleeding or developing rashes like he used to when we started seeing Dr. Waugh. He was on almost a completely liquid diet of formula. Now he can eat fairly normally. I am so grateful we found Dr. Waugh. Thank you!



I have to let you know I have been getting the credit for your miraculous healing. When my daughter came to her regular appointment, she took her boyfriend along for the ride. He had been complaining of his arm. He had a baseball hit him right on his wrist. The baseball could have been up to 70 mph. He went to the doctors twice and had exams performed but they said he was fine. He was depressed because he knew something was wrong but his parents and the doctors said he was fine. I told my daughter to have you look at his arm while he was there. You adjusted him and said he was “out” from his shoulders down to his hand.

Since then, I keep getting the thanks for asking you to see him. He is so grateful. He had been living with this weird pain and weakness for at least a couple of months. My daughter says he’s so happy now.

Thanks again, Dr. Waugh. In my very busy life where I often feel I come up short, I also feel that I’m one up by providing my children your care.

Love Always,



I had an acute tremor of the hands. The first time I noticed these tremors started back when I was in high school (about 10 years ago), and they were becoming more frequent. At first I thought it was caused from extraneous anxiety of nervousness, but they started to occur when I was at rest and under no stress. These tremors occurred when I was with clients at work and when I was at home with family. They were becoming a hinderance to my life. I was afraid it was the beginning stages of carpal tunnel syndrome, because I am in front of a computer close to 12 hours a day. So, I went to Dr. Waugh, from a friend who strongly recommended her. She adjusted so many things that first visit. Even my cranial bones that were out of alignment from an accident when I was 6 years old. After several sessions of adjustments and the regimen of supplements that she directed me to maintain, I have eliminated my hand tremors form my life. I do not recall seeing them around for several months now.

I find that my monthly visits with her are an important part of my life and I look forward to those visits. Thank you so much Dr. Waugh for the care and understanding!



I received a certificate for Vanessa’s chiropractic evaluation as a wedding present! This was the single best gift we got!

I actually gave it to my husband because he had such back pain that he slept sitting in a chair most of the night. Vanessa handled this problem with just a few adjustments. The hump is gone from the top of his spine and he no longer lumbers like a bear when he walks.

One day when we were in her office, I mentioned that my health was very good except for the menopause symptoms – hot flashes, sleeplessness, etc. Vanessa said, “I can help you with that “ And she did! She adjusted my lower spine, prescribed a few supplements and vitamin E, and the symptoms went away. What a relief. I was sleeping well for the first time in months. Thank you Vanessa, for your wonderful, effective treatment.

Much Love,

K & J.P. B.


I have been a patient of Dr. Waugh for over 14 years. She is the best chiropractor I have ever had. She eventually handles every pain I go to see her about. Actually, she usually handles whatever problems I’m having in just one visit.

I’ll never forget the time I actually was instructed to file a worker’s comp claim at my job because it hurt to type. State Fund came out and evaluated my work set up to see that it was ergonomically correct. They sent me to a couple of doctors to diagnose my wrist pain. They determined it was carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive typing on the computer. After a couple of visits with specialists, I was still in pain.

While my office was determining the best ergonomic desk set up for me, I decided to see Dr. Waugh. She took one look at my wrists, did a little testing and manipulating and viola! Handled. Fixed. Pain gone by the end of that day.

On many occasions she has fixed my neck when it was stiff, eliminated my headaches, fixed my back when it was out of whack, my knees and shoulders when they were in pain, and she even fixed little fingers.

She is so in tune with my body while she is doctoring me, that she knows exactly the point when I relax so she can adjust the right spot at exactly the right moment.

Instead of Dr. Waugh, we should call he Dr. Voila! (pronounced (vwa-la) Thank you, Dr. Waugh, for your exceptional ability and handling of my body.

R. M


“I came to see Dr Waugh with aches, pains, muscle like stone and intestinal discomfort. It seems like in no time at all everything is handled and I am feeling great.”

R. S.


Dr. Waugh has treated me on an ongoing basis for several years. Her ability as a chiropractor is the best I have experienced; treatments are thorough, competent, professional. Adjustments are always geared to my specific concerns as is her advice and suggestions for many related aspects of well-being and especially including nutritional supplementation.

My life continues to improve dramatically due in large part to her care. I will always keep chiropractic care as part of my personal health plan!



Dr. Waugh is an amazing chiropractor. I have been seeing chiropractors regularly since my teens for the treatment of migraine headaches. Very few chiropractors can adjust me so well that the headache goes completely away, but Dr. Waugh can! She helps patients focus on total body health, including regular adjustments and good nutrition. She often recommends supplements that increase wellness. She adjusts adults and children. Her staff is friendly and helpful.

J. W.


I consulted with Dr. Waugh after my first pregnancy. I was constantly worn out and often had back trouble and headaches.

The improvements were drastic and immediate. She’s since advised and treated me for a variety of issues from upper and lower GI to PMS to sinus and respiratory ailments. The adjustments I received from Dr. Waugh, along with the nutritional supplements helped every time. I always leave the office feeling healthier, calmer and with a clearer head.



Over the last 12 years, Dr. Waugh has continued to heal and rejuvenate my body at every chiropractic visit.

I am so grateful to have benefited from all her excellent chiropractic work; otherwise, my body would not have recovered as quickly as it did after my car accident years ago. My knee pain has fully disappeared. Additionally, my allergies and cramps are far less intense. And, she is the only one who has been able to treat my wrist ganglions in a non-invasive way. I am just so thankful!

Each time I see her, she not only fixes my major problem areas, but also she tends to every other part that would benefit from attention. Thus, I always feel spoiled by Dr. Waugh’s skills and the extra things she does for my physical health, which include relaxing heat and vibration therapy, intelligent nutritional and vitamin suggestions, and her amazingly soothing touch.

Dr. Waugh often knows exactly what I need in order to feel better. To this day, whenever I receive her services, I immediately feel more stress free and comfortable in my body.

M. D.


I had fatigue, menopause and pain in the neck and shoulder for over a year. Dr. Waugh was very competent, knowledgable about the body and what could be wrong, very friendly and caring. In just over two weeks I had less fatigue, no pain, no symptoms of menopause. I’m extremely surprised and pleased. Where other treatments have failed, this was the answer.



I came to Dr. Waugh with intense neck pain and constant headaches. I had no energy and generally did not feel well. I took lots of aspirin.

I do not understand how Dr. Waugh’s methods work, but they do. I actually feel refreshed after leaving her office. I am free of pain and seldom take pain relievers anymore. She is efficient and my appointment waiting time is never long. She is concerned about me and has a very pleasant and caring personality. Seeing her once a month is now an important routine in my life.



Dr. Waugh….this is a woman who’s work and care is awe inspiring. I’ve seen Dr. Waugh for nearly five years. In that time, I have become more balanced and centered and peaceful, thanks to her work. Freeing my body of pain and strain, and teaching it to release tension, has enabled me to be more effective in other aspects of my life. My (bones/skeleton/body/ frame?) is aligned, and her nutrition work has given me more energy. Her talent is equal to her as a person- professional, honest and accepting. What a great five years this has been . Go see her!



I’ve tried several chiropractors and have never found anyone like Dr. Waugh. Her adjustments are far more thorough and at the same time more gentle than any other chiropractor. I’ve recommended her to other people and all of them have been happy with her!

G. F.


Dr. Waugh has been a blessing in my life! Her way of adjusting is so gentle and so effective, I have no more back pain. My whole body feels so much better after visiting her: my knees, my feet, my neck, my lower back….everything!



My first introduction to Dr. Waugh was a really bad ankle sprain where I wasn’t able to walk into her office. By the time I left her office, I was able to apply pressure to my foot and after 2 sessions I was walking again.

I have since that experience, become a patient of Dr. Waugh’s and have been given the opportunity to become more aware of my body and what’s going on. Dr. Waugh has been an amazing addition to my life and I couldn’t imagine what it would be like not to come to her.



I have been coming to Dr. Waugh for adjustments and nutrition consulting for many years. She knows my body better than I do!

I can always count on individual care and attention and assistance with body problems both musculoskeletal and nutritional. She has helped me through several bouts of parasites, viruses and other ailments, using natural supplements which have not caused harsh reactions as medicines often do. Being a regular patient of Dr. Waugh’s has greatly contributed to keeping me healthy and strong.



I have been seeing Dr. Waugh for some time. I was so thankful to find a chiropractor who looks for the root cause of my ailments, treating those, and bringing me into health and wellness. I always look forward to seeing Dr. Waugh for my monthly body and health maintenance. Then, I feel ready to meet the world and my life head on!

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday!



I have been seen by Dr. Waugh for some time now. I never realized I was in so much pain from my lower back being out of alignment. Once I was adjusted I was amazed how good I felt! No more pain, more energy- I felt like a new person. I still see Dr. Waugh regularly to be re-adjusted. Like most people, I still do the same things that are not so good for me and my back.

Thank you Dr. Waugh for putting up with me all these years. -Grateful patient.


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