Q: Will the treatments hurt?

A: They shouldn’t. If you are extremely swollen or sore, yes it may hurt slightly because the area usually has to be touched to adjust it. But just momentarily, and the benefit outweighs the minimal pain felt.

Q. If I start getting chiropractic adjustments, will I have to come forever?

A: No, no one is going to force you to come in for treatments. There is no biological rule that says once you start getting adjusted, you will be in pain until you get regular treatments. Or, that once you start adjusting the spine, it becomes immobile and you will always have to get treatments to feel normal. This is just not true.

What is true, is that most people feel so much better and their body functions so much better, and they get sick less often, etc., that they choose to see a chiropractor on a regular basis because they feel so much better and their bodies work better and they can do the activities that they need and want to do.

Q. Is chiropractic addictive?

A: No. It just feels good to get it as I said in the above answer. The adjustments mobilize the spine. We take stuck areas that are not moving or getting the nutrition they need and get them moving and get the blood supply and nerve supply nourishing that area. This equals better function and don’t know we all want to function better?

Q. How can you adjust infants?

A: Very gently. The doctor feels for areas that are misaligned in the spine and with very gentle pressure aligns the vertebra and sometimes, skull bones. The infants and children respond very well to adjustments-much quicker than adults. The doctor has adjusted many, many infants and pregnant women. She adjusted her own son ½ hour after birth as he was having some breathing difficulty. After the treatment, he went to sleep peacefully and was breathing normally. His color went from pale and blanched to a healthy pink.

Chiropractic is very beneficial for infants, children and pregnant women.

Q. Are treatments expensive?

A: The first visit is usually $75.00 which includes a thorough examination and first treatment, including the nutrition exam.  Dr. Waugh’s treatments after the first visit are generally $45.00. Infants, children  and teens are $25.00 Nutrition only visits are $30.00. The office has payment plans that can be worked out so that the care is affordable for you and your family. One thing to consider is that chiropractic care is true preventive care. It could conceivably save you thousands of dollars in unneeded medical costs.

Many health plans cover chiropractic care and once verified, our office accepts insurance assignment.

The money you spend on chiropractic will save you thousands of dollars down the line, and the quality of your life will be improved.

Q. Isn’t muscle testing like some kind of “voodoo”?

A: Well, it is magical in how well it works, but it is based on many decades of research and other medical research material. Muscle testing, according to Applied Kinesiology principles, has been well tested and is based on very scientific research. It can be duplicated from practitioner to practitioner and boasts very good results with many conditions that one would not think that chiropractic would be able to help.

Q. Are chiropractors “real doctors”?

A: Most definitely. We are considered portal of entry doctors by the federal government. We are also considered primary health care providers. In other words, many people come to us first with a health problem rather than going to a medical doctor or specialist.

We have been trained in medical diagnosis to determine the proper protocol for most health conditions. If a patient comes into the office with a condition that is not appropriately treated by chiropractic, he will be referred out to the proper health care professional. There are strict guidelines governing chiropractic education in accredited chiropractic colleges.

Also note: Dr. Waugh will not continue treating you if you are not responding to care, or, if she feels you would be better served by another health care provider.

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