Here are some good news stories about chiropractic:

Several studies have demonstrated the power of chiropractic adjustments restoring optimal functioning in individuals with digestive disturbances.  In a published case study, a young woman had been afflicted with IBS symptoms once or twice a week for 5 years.  After one adjustment she noticed an easing of symptoms and within a short time all her digestive problems disappeared.  When the report was published 2 years later she was still symptom free.

A 2008 study demonstrated how effective chiropractic care is for infants with digestive disturbances.  Researchers chose three infants who were experiencing infrequent bowel movements from once a week to once every 3 or 4 days.  Parents of these infants had tried several different laxatives and other procedures recommended by their medical staff.  They had also followed specific dietary changes and the use of cod liver oil and mineral oil without any results.

The infants began wellness oriented chiropractic for periods ranging from three weeks to three months.  According to the study author Dr. Larry S. Arbietmen, DC, all three experienced almost immediate improvement.  By the end of the study all three had bowel movements at least once every day.

Subluxations (bones out of place) within specific areas of the spine can prevent the bowel from functioning properly.  Throughout the years it has been commonplace to see instances of people of all ages who have not had a bowel movement for days experience almost immediate relief after an adjustment.  Regular chiropractic care can help patients establish a more natural rhythm of comfortable, effortless elimination.

Source: Chiropractic Technique, Chiropractic Pediatrics.

Chiropractic treatment has also had a significant effect on blood pressure and anxiety levels, according to a study reported in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics.  The study examined systolic (pumping blood pressure) and diastolic (resting blood pressure) blood pressure levels and patients’ anxiety levels before and after an adjustment.  In all cases, those subjects who received active treatment experienced a distinct drop in blood pressure and a decrease of their anxiety levels.  Results of this study provide evidence that chiropractic treatment offers support to the cardiovascular system.

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